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Dinosaur Park 3D Graphics

Case Study - August 2015 

What is the Dinosaur Park?

This is a family run local attraction in Pembrokeshire, unique and very different to the many other local attractions. Target Audience:

  • Holiday makers
  • Birthday Parties
  • Local Visitors
  • Schools
  • Children

What the customer wanted

A new interactive website to showcase the attractions within The Dinosaur Park, a website which would encourage and attract new visitors to the Park and also allow children to download pictures to colour in.

It needed to encapsulate the fun nature of the park, the restaurant and the games & rides around the park.

How did W3 Designs approach the project?

We saw the advert on Facebook asking for designers to contact The Dinosaur Park for more info. On receiving the brief, we immediately decided to create some 3D graphics of the Dinosaurs, which would attract the audience. We submitted a quotation along with a mock-up design of the website along with a couple of the 3D graphics we had created.

We were awarded the contract and immediately started working on the 3D Graphics as they were the basis of the design and would take the longest time to create.

Design Process – Team involved:

We worked very closely with the marketing team and photographer from The Dinosaur Park. They provided the content and images, while we created the graphics and website. We then added the content and pictures to the site.

Managing the site:

The Dinosaur Park have access to manage and maintain the website through the gallery and Content Management System which we incorporated into the backend of the site for them. This feature will save them time and money since they will be able to manage the site themselves.

What Do The Dinosaur Park have to say?

“Here at the Dinosaur Park we are absolutely thrilled and delighted not only with the outcome of our project to completely revamp our website (something which was long overdue), but also by the whole process of dealing with Barry and Leanne during the development of that project.

They were always so approachable by email, telephone or in person; always full of great ideas, advice and feedback, and always amenable to suggestions and ideas from us, the demanding customer totally ignorant in the art of web design.

In short, they were always professional, always a pleasure to deal with, and very generous with their time, especially in showing us how to maintain the site ourselves: a crucial feature for us since the site, by its very nature, will need constant updating

The gorgeous design of the final website perfectly captured the spirit and ethos of the Park and the family fun nature of the business. As it’s exactly what we had envisaged before the process began it felt as if W3 Designs had had their finger on the pulse right from the word go.

In our opinion, W3 Designs is a high quality, cost-effective web developer, which we would recommend without hesitation. And this despite the fact that Barry is a passionate South Africa rugby supporter living in Wales…”

What do their Customers say?

Ruthie Lowdell
The new website looks fab! A clear page to understand and brilliant graphics. We love the new kids fun page. Asked my dino obsessed little lady what she thought and I think we'll printing some dinos very shortly!

Kayleigh White
Fun, up to date and easy to navigate.

Clair Gale
The new website is colourful and easy to use nice to see the menu as well.

Gaynor James
Never been here as I've got 2 girls and they never really fancied it but I'm not going to lie after seeing ur new website and then showing my girls it you have definitely changed our minds looking forward to a visit here this summer thanks x

Tasha Johnston
Love it! It's dinoriffic! X

Maria Proudmummy Sky
Simply the best new website I have seen in ages.....not only does it have the wow! factor, it also has all the information needed for a perfect day out. Its good to see all the different categories that you can click on and see what is available at the park....We have had the opportunity to visit your park in the past, but really excited to visit again after seeing your new website. The website thoroughly boosts what you are offering for a families perfect day out taking a "walk on the Wild Side"...grrrrrrr!!!!