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Website Misconceptions

When you decided that you wanted a web site to promote your website, what were your thoughts as to what a website will do for you and your business?

  1. It will be easily found on Search Engines
  2. I can update the site myself
  3. People will buy what I sell
  4. Ask Yourself This


1.    It will be easily found on the Search Engines

There are millions of websites on the internet and there are thousands of search engines, the most popular being Google. You need to think which Search Engine / s you would like to focus on for your website rankings – you can have more than one, but you probably wouldn’t worry about using the smaller unknown Search Engines.

If you haven’t chosen a domain name yet, think carefully about the domain name that you choose. Remember to choose a Domain name that people will remember. A domain name is easier to remember than a phone number – if it is memorable. Ensure that your website is designed to be Search Engine Friendly and spend the time to promote it to your target audience.

Just because you have a website, it doesn’t mean that you don’t need to tell people that it is there. Make sure that it is on all your printed documents, flyers, brochures and business cards and make sure that when you are on a forum or a network website, that you always leave your web address. Ensure that it is on your email signatures. 


2. I can update the site myself

If you built your own website, then you probably will be able to update it yourself. Editing the content may need you to be able to understand the code and unless you know html, ASP, PHP or other code that may have been used to design your website, you probably wont be able to edit your content on your own.

Most web design companies will have a Content Management System (CMS) that they can incorporate into your website for you. The cost will depend on the size and dynamics of your website. Always think of your website as an investment, you need to continue to grow and develop your website and by doing this, the site will be more successful.


3. People will buy what I sell

Why? Why will people buy what you sell? Will every one buy what you sell or is it aimed at a direct market?
What makes you think this? Family and friends who have said that it is a good idea? Test the market, before you decide to sell online, ask people if they would buy your product online? Don’t ask people who could be biased, like friends or family, you will only be fooling yourself and wasting money.

Back to Search Engines, you will need to promote your website on the Search Engines. If you don’t, people will not be able to find you on the internet, they probably wont know the name of your business, so they would be searching for your product or service, so make sure that they can find your website.

Remember that browsing the internet for bargains is a lot easier than driving around town to find them! Even if you are number one, users may still wish to shop around and look for other bargains for the products that they are looking for.


4. Ask yourself this:

What do I offer that will make them want to buy from me?

•    Is my site easy to use?
•    Do I have special offers which my competitors don’t have?
•    Is my product more superior to that of my competitors? Does my website promote this?
•    Does my website make it easy for users to contact me with questions?
•    Do I offer guarantees?
•    What is my customer service like?
•    Does my website give the user confidence to buy from me?