Managing your spam filter

Managing your spam filter

There are a few ways in which you can manage your spam, please take note when I refer to, I am referring to your own website address, so mine would be

Not Spam

If you use IMAP you may notice that you have a folder called “SPAMBOX” this is the folder that contains all the spam emails, please note that you need to monitor this folder as some Non-Spam emails can end up in here and these will then need to be addressed as NOT SPAM. If you do not have IMAP then you can see this folder by logging into webmail. If you find any emails in this folder all you need to do is select that email and forward the email to This will tell the system that this person can be trusted.


Please note: Doing this will not move that email to your inbox and you may need to move it manually.

Managing your spam filter


If you have emails get into your inbox and you want future emails from that sender to be blocked then please forward that email to, once again this will notify the system that they should not get past the spam filter next time. Please take note that sometimes these spammers may use different emails, so Blocking them each time will help block them and all the email accounts they use.

Managing your spam filter


Every morning at 10 am you should get a Spam report, this should contain all spam that was delivered to SPAMBOX in the previous 24 hours, from here you can see a list of all emails and at this point if you see anything that is not spam, you can click the WHITE link to the left and then send, this will send a message to the system, saying it is NOT SPAM and will also place that email in your inbox.

If at any point you want this report, you can send an email to this address at any time and a report will be delivered to your inbox.

Managing your spam filter

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch, from time to time someone sending you emails may be blocked, in that case, they will get a bounce-back email asking them to enter some code to gain access to your inbox.

The power of a responsive website for businesses in Pembrokeshire

The power of a responsive website for businesses in Pembrokeshire

Whether you have a brick and mortar business based in Pembrokeshire or if your business is online in Pembrokeshire, a website is a fantastic tool for your business. No matter whether you have physical customers through your doors or virtual customers visiting, a responsive website is available to your customer or potential customer 24/7.

As soon as someone searches for your business, your service or product, they have instant access to you and your business without you being present. A great website starts with good design. A professional website gives a business credibility. If your website looks like your nephew designed it in his IT class, it’s unlikely to instil confidence in your audience.

Your website is an extension of your business and the web design needs to be carefully considered during the design process. If your business is a bright and fresh company, the design of your website needs to reflect that. If your line of work is professional and importantly confidential, your website needs to look trustworthy and professional! Simply put, the web design should reflect you and the message you wish to portray.

A website opens up your market both locally and internationally. The local Pembrokeshire high street haberdashery could attract a customer in France simply by having a website.

At the touch of a button your customer now has access to what you do and with good usability in the design, they find what they are looking for quickly and efficiently.

The design of your website is a fantastic marketing tool as it allows you to create a call to action for your customer. You can guide what they do when visiting your website simply by guiding them to download a brochure or fill out a quote request. Creating a great first impression with top quality web design is a great tool for any business.

If you have a website already it’s important to keep that website up to date. A website with fresh content gives the user the impression that your business is busy and active. Search engines like up to date and new content. Ultimately being found on the internet is key and keeping it up to date will help with this. When you communicate regularly with your audience via your website, you keep the relationship established with your customer and this increases the chance of return custom.

A responsive website is a great tool for reaching your potential customer and a regularly updated website with great web design will keep the attention for many years to come, so get your Pembrokeshire business out there, promote it with an up to date Responsive Website.

w3designs are now doing WordPress Based websites on request

w3designs are now doing WordPress Based websites on request

After many years we have decided to start designing websites that use WordPress as a Content Management System (CMS). You may wonder why now?

It is simple, many WordPress designers will use free WordPress themes (designs) that are available, this never floated with me, as I do not like using someone else’s design and charging for that service, it seems wrong.

I have since learned to develop my own themes and thus I can now offer a bespoke service which means you get the power of WordPress but at the same time you can have a design that has and will only be used by you and your business.

Our WordPress sites are only offered on request, dependant on your requirements. All our WordPress designs will come standard with some Plugins that we would have either sourced or purchased and will be licensed for use.

If you would like to know more or if you would like to have a WordPress website designed, please get in touch with us and we can arrange a meeting.

Some examples of WordPress Websites that we have done.

With all the sites above the client has full control over the content and their website. This means they have the ability to alter any co ntent on the site, upload images, videos etc plus the ability to add or remove pages from the site. You also have access to certain features that are standard like the ability to write blogs.

Richards Brother above has a more advanced WordPress Site which has been developed in such a way that they can add database driven pages. This means they can add pages which would automatically populate other pages based on their input. Take note of the Day Tours and Coach Holidays page. This feature is handy in such a way that the client does not need to know anything about web development, all they do is fill in certain boxes in the admin and the pages are automatically populated on the website.

Responsive Website Designs

Responsive Website Designs


  • 25% of users now access the web only using phones & tablets
  • In 2013 it is expected that Mobile devices will overtake desktop PC’s as the dominant internet platform
  • 70% of all mobile searches result in action within 1 hour

Responsive Website Designs

It is extremely important for your website to be compatible with the variety of mobile devices with different resolutions and other features.

W3 Web Designs recommends Responsive Web Design to our clients to ensure equally fabulous page views on every screen. In plain English, we design your website with programming that deciphers screen resolution as well as corrects itself to fit the screen size being used.

Responsive Website Designs

Your current web design remains the same, but the style and content are restructured to accommodate different screen sizes. Responsive Web Design speeds up the time it takes to search, then download and view your website. Banners, menus and other features can be seen without scrolling and searching.

The bottom line – A website that is easier and faster to use means an increase in sales and return customers!

We’re so into Responsive Web Design that we have launched an amazing deal:

Have your website designed by W3 Web Designs and we will create an exclusive, customised Responsive Web Design for your business! All our websites are responsive.

Give us a call to find out more or if you are interested in any of our design packages please visit our website

Tel: 01994-241454

Feedback from Joyce Bullock Garden Designs

Feedback from Joyce Bullock Garden Designs

Leeann and I met at a WiRE conference and discussed a new website.  I was keen to support a small business like myself but wanted the friendly and approachable web design team that W3Designs seemed to offer.  Both Leeann and Barry have been tremendous, always helpful, courteous and at the end of the phone.  Their work is timely and to schedule, despite my tardiness initially!  Barry pulled out all the stops to enable the site to go live in time for an e-newsletter and event I was doing.

I am sure they work beyond their remit, as I have asked Barry for assistance with other aspects of IT. I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending these guys, as a Garden Designer & Landscaper I know the importance of work well done and referred. Want a website? Talk to W3Designs.

Joyce Bullock

Managing Emails and Spam

Managing Emails and Spam

We have recently added some anti-spam software to reduce the amount of spam, this has been tested and seems to be working very well, I have reduced my spam by atleast 95%, where i was getting 100+ emails per day and I am now only getting emails that I requested and a few spam emails which I can manage.

Please read this email carefully so you fully understand how you too can help reduce the spam. Servers are like any security dog, it needs to be trained, so the more you mark emails as spam, the better the server understands what is legitimate and what is just down right annoying.

The first thing you need to do is login to webmail. (Please replace with your own website domain name)

Managing Emails and Spam

Click on ROUNDCUBE as I find that the most user friendly of the 3 webmail systems.

Managing Emails and Spam

Once you are into ROUNDCUBE then you may or may not see the “Spambox” folder, this folder will only appear once it collects spam.

What I want to explain is how you can mark emails as SPAM or NOT SPAM. You may notice that under my contacts I have 2 names, Not Spam and Spam

  • Click on Address Book (Top right)
  • Click the + Sign and from here you want to add 2 new contacts

Name: Spam

Name: Not Spam

  • Save them, you can now return to the Mail page (Top Right)

Managing Emails and Spam

If you do have an email in your inbox that is spam but has not been added to the spam folder then what you need to do is Select the email and then next to the Forward button is a Down Arrow, click that and then select “Forward as attachment”

Managing Emails and Spam

Then you can type Spam in the email field and select the SPAM option and then send, this will notify the system that this spam and will also notify the database so everyone can benefit from you notifying the system.

Managing Emails and Spam

You also need to have a look at the Spam folder to see if any good emails have ended up there, if you have you can do the same as above, however this time forward to NOT SPAM or you can wait until the following day and you will receive an email report of all spam received the day before, this email will allow you the ability to see all Spam emails and WHITE(LIST) any that may have ended up in spam by mistake.

As you can see by the example below, my emails caught 139 Spam emails in a 24 hour period, that is pretty acceptable in my books.

From this report, you can see the email subject and the email it was sent from and if it looks OK, then click WHITE and that email will be moved to your inbox.

Case Study – Neath Male Choir

Neath Male Choir

August 2013

Who is Neath Male Choir?

Neath Male Choir is based in South Wales which is considered by many to be the birthplace and spiritual home of traditional male voice choirs.

We have also performed on stage with stars such as Bryn Terfel, Tom Jones and Shirley Bassey not to mention Neath’s own Katherine Jenkins and Gail Pearson who we are honoured to number amongst our vice presidents

What the customer wanted

Neath Male Choir already had a website, but after seeing the work we had done on Dunvant Choir website, they contacted W3 Designs to redesign their website, allowing them the functionality to update and manage the website themselves once designed.

We included the following:

  • CMS (Content Management System)
  • Guestbook
  • News System using an integrated Blog
  • Private members zone, which allows members to privately interact with each other on the website.

What do Neath male Choir have to say?

I have had nothing but favourable feedback about the new website you have rebuilt for us and already we have over 90% of the choir signed up on the private members’ zone.

Our committee had our monthly meeting last night and again the committee is delighted with the new fresh look our website now has and are further considering how we can utilise the website to the full in the future.

Thanks very much for everything, all the help, the answers to the never-ending questions, and your patience when I had lost the plot entirely. 

Robert Bowen
Neath Male Choir

Online Security

I know I keep harping on about this and that is I feel very strongly about this subject, too often I am contacted by customers who have been hacked or have their email identity used without their knowledge


It is very easy to stop this, do not use such easy passwords, because making a password easy enough for you to memorise is also making it easy for hackers etc. to figure it out. So please make sure your password is safe, try use numbers and letters, try to add a Capital letter in your password and maybe a special character like a # (hash) or a * (star) maybe an! (exclamation mark), by mixing things up you reduce the risk of being hacked and make it almost impossible for someone to figure your password out.

Now I would like to talk about emails and what to look out for to try and prevent yourself from getting a virus.
If you get an email and it has an attachment tread cautiously now on most PC’s you cannot see if the attachment is a zipped file, an executable file or even a Doc, unless you understand your icons, so my tip would be to enable extensions. 

An extension is a way to identify the type of document

  • (Zipped File)
  • File.doc (Word Doc)
  • File.xls (Excel Spreadsheet)

This link here will show you many pages of common file extensions and it is good to familiarise yourself with the common ones. (

Often Viruses will come within an email as an attachment, most like as a Zipped file, this is because it can get past the Anti Virus software. The what will happen if you have the ability to see the extensions you will see that the file ends with a .zip or even a .rar (which is also a zipped file). This should make you cautious about unzipping it, especially if it has come from someone you do not know or maybe UPS or some company claiming it is an invoice of some sort. Unless you are 100% sure, do not open this file. Because the last thing you want to do is open the file and then maybe run the contents of that Zipped file which in all probability is an executable file which will run a small program that injects a virus on your PC.

No Extensions on files below

Online Security  

So this is what you do: (Windows7 other versions may vary and a Google search could explain how you can Show Extensions on files)

  1. Open you’re my documents
  2. Click Organize>> Folder and Search Options (You will get a popup)
  3. Click the View Tab
  4. Remove the Check from the box highlighted in the image and Click Apply.

Online Security

You will then see the files looking like this.

Online Security

So there you have it a few tips to help you be safe at all times, and please if you are unsure please do not hesitate to get in touch I will help whenever need be, I think your email can wait until you are 100% sure, because the nasty virus will take over your PC and cost you a lot of money and at times hold you at ransom until you buy some sort of software to clear it away.

  • Don’t trust people asking for your bank details to give you money
  • Don’t trust emails asking you for personal details
  • Don’t trust emails telling you that your shipping invoice is attached

These are just general tips and if you are 100% sure that the email is safe then it is your call, all I can say is be cautious.