Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Why is my website not being found by when I type in my address?

A - This is a common problem, many people type the web address into the Search bar and not the Address bar, please make sure that you are typing your web address - eg: into the address bar, which is normally near the top of the page. The Search bar will only search for keywords and will not necessarily find a new website immediately.

Q - How long does it take for my website to be found by the search engines?

A - This is dependant on the various Search Engines, Google takes approximately 4 - 6 weeks (maybe sooner) however you need to remember that you will not be number one on the listings, this needs alot of work, you may look into Ad words or Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Contact us if you would like to know more about SEO.

Q - Why does my web designer not get me to the top of the search engine ranking?

A - A web designer designs websites, to get higher rankings, you would need Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) or Ad Words on the various Search Engines (Google is the most popular). Web Designers should submit your website to the search engines and ensure that your keywords (metatags) are included in the design. If you have any other questions, please contact us, we are happy to help where we can. We look forward to hearing from you!