Managing your spam filter

22nd May 2018

There are a few ways in which you can manage your spam, please take note when I refer to, I am referring to your own website address, so mine would be

Not Spam

If you use IMAP you may notice that you have a folder called "SPAMBOX" this is the folder that contains all the spam emails, please note that you need to monitor this folder as some Non-Spam emails can end up in here and these will then need to be addressed as NOT SPAM. If you do not have IMAP then you can see this folder by logging into webmail. If you find any emails in this folder all you need to do is select that email and forward the email to This will tell the system that this person can be trusted.


Please note: Doing this will not move that email to your inbox and you may need to move it manually.

Managing your spam filter


If you have emails get into your inbox and you want future emails from that sender to be blocked then please forward that email to, once again this will notify the system that they should not get past the spam filter next time. Please take note that sometimes these spammers may use different emails, so Blocking them each time will help block them and all the email accounts they use.

Managing your spam filter


Every morning at 10 am you should get a Spam report, this should contain all spam that was delivered to SPAMBOX in the previous 24 hours, from here you can see a list of all emails and at this point if you see anything that is not spam, you can click the WHITE link to the left and then send, this will send a message to the system, saying it is NOT SPAM and will also place that email in your inbox.

If at any point you want this report, you can send an email to this address at any time and a report will be delivered to your inbox.

Managing your spam filter

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch, from time to time someone sending you emails may be blocked, in that case, they will get a bounce-back email asking them to enter some code to gain access to your inbox.

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